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Get the inside scoop on the latest in LTC funding solutions and strategies. BuddyIns and Amada Senior Care will present strategies that have helped them grow relationships and strengthen business initiatives.

And speaking of winning teams, because the XXXIII Olympiad is just a few short weeks away, we will hear from our special guest, Olympic gold medalist and Hall of Fame inductee, Wendy Boglioli, who will share some inside scoop for Team USA: how to watch the Olympics, who to watch in swimming and beyond, and what the athletes do in the weeks leading up to the events.

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So, You Think You Can Self-Fund LTC?

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Self-funding is one way to plan for your long-term care, but is it right for you? Join Marc Glickman, founder and CEO of BuddyIns and Phyllis Shelton, President of Got […]

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Caring for the Caregiver


With over 53 million family caregivers in the United States, there is more demand than ever for caregiver support and resources. That demand has resulted in new tools and solutions […]

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7 Insurance Solutions to LTC Planning


Long term care costs continue to rise, and more people are facing the challenge of how to pay for their care. Most people mistakenly believe that Medicaid will cover the […]

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Featured Articles

New York Proposes Long Term Care Trust Program

February 9, 2024

Updated February 19, 2024 As a wave of older Americans face the real possibility of needing long term care, the New York legislature is considering once again funding a modest […]

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California proposes payroll tax to fund long term care

California Proposes Payroll Tax to Fund Long Term Care Benefit

September 21, 2022

Updated January 29, 2024 As a wave of older Americans face the real possibility of needing long term care, the California legislature is considering funding a modest amount of state-provided […]

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What Is Long Term Care?

May 12, 2022

Understanding Long Term Care   Long term care (LTC) is a topic that can be difficult and confusing to understand. You may believe you’ll never need such assistance or that […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Long Term Care Insurance

What Our Audience Is Saying

I had the pleasure of attending your webinar ‘Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old?’ It was really inspiring and eye opening as I’m beginning my journey into long term care. Forever grateful to you and to the good friend that recommended me to your community.

Brigitte N., Montreal, CAN

After listening to the BuddyIns Women and Long Term Care webinar this past week, I feel like I have finally found a trustworthy and very knowledgeable resource.

Valerie J., MN