Showcasing The Value of LTCi

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In this webinar, the panel discusses:

  • An analysis of case studies that show the value using interactive plan design software
  • How to approach the long term care needs analysis with clients
  • Key talking points that will help you manage objections before they come up


With only 7.5 million Americans owning some form of LTCi, we still have a lot of work to do to educate people about one of the top threats to their life savings. In this webinar, we spend time showing you how to present the value of long term care insurance and hybrids, and how to respond to the top objections. Marc Glickman, Actuary and BuddyIns CEO hosts and is joined by fellow BuddyIns contributors Onboarding Consultant Jason Dutra and Director of Marketing Strategy Gretchen Barry.


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