It’s Your Life: A Planning Guide for Aging on Your Terms

Good planning can help make it easier for your family to make decisions and manage your affairs when you no longer have the ability to do so on your own. We’re pleased to offer you the free guide It’s Your Life, A Planning Guide for Aging on Your Terms created in collaboration with the Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC). It will assist you in making decisions about your long-term care plan and help you document the information that your family will need to make important decisions for you.


The more information you provide, the more loved ones can ensure your needs and wishes are met. This is not an exhaustive guide and these are not easy topics. Working through them, however, with the help of this guide, can deliver peace of mind.


We have also included links to other resources like the National Institute on Aging for additional information on aging well and planning for end-of-life care.


Our goal is to help you organize your life. Isn’t that a good goal?


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