How Insurtech is Revolutionizing the LTC Claim’s Process

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"Not even in my wildest dreams would I have been here."

- Char Hu, Ph.D

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“Information is liberating.” – Kofi Annan

Our guest today on Inside the Mind of an Actuary is Insurtech CEO, Char Hu. Char began his career as a Ph.D and research scientist. Then, a personal experience with his grandmother’s dementia led him to start his own dementia facility and home health care agency businesses. He soon realized that technology could be a game-changer when it came to helping clients, agents, and insurance companies navigate the long term care insurance claims process.

Char’s Insurtech company, The Helper Bees, builds software to enhance the LTCi claims process from claims intake and eligibility, to matching with care providers, to ongoing tracking of the care as it is being provided.

Sometimes existing technology when applied to a new industry can be the most revolutionary. Watch the video as Char discusses his first pitch meeting with the large insurance company and what technology solution that added the most value in the LTC claims process.

At the consumer level, The Helper Bees is also making a difference. Char shares a story about a client who was worried about paying too much for home health care services. The Helper Bees was able to match the client with provider that could better meet her needs.

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