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Webinar for Financial Professionals: LTCi: Show or Tell?

How do you present strategies and solutions to clients in a compelling way that moves them to take action? Join the BuddyIns team as they present new sales tools that can build a stronger and more visual narrative around LTCi leverage. It’s a makeover for your LTCi sales process. Find out how the all-new Benefit Buddy transforms the LTCi discussion, and how you can use technology to personalize and transform your LTCi discussion with clients.

LTCi Market Updates

Note: Market Updates will move to the Buddy System on September 1, 2023.

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Market Updates August 2023


  • Chubb Lifetime Benefit Term (Life + LTCi extension rider) continues to impress with favorable group underwriting offers, product features, and a 50-month extension for select groups
  • Trustmark with LTCi filed rider showing strength in the NY market
  • More group carriers looking to add LTCi riders to their group Hybrid policies


  • New Brighthouse SmartCare (Life + LTCi extension rider) price improvement. Now up to 25% more LTC benefits to keep up with the rest of the Cash Indemnity LTC extension rider peers. Brighthouse in New York is also especially strong in a limited marketplace
  • Thrivent traditional LTCi pricing continues to impress especially in Florida. CareForward (Life + LTC Extension Rider) has a strong recurring premium and 10-pay option
  • NGL streamlines the EFT process
  • Mutual of Omaha updates cost of care study results
  • Securian and Nationwide continue to grow sales from the price reductions
  • OneAmerica shows that recurring premium options continue to be their most popular sales for AssetCare


Equitrust Bridge (FIA + LTCi rider) continues to get great reviews: A one-of-a-kind product that offers immediate LTCi leverage, growth, or both gives clients a different underwriting experience. Three of our specialist partners had declines turned into preferred ratings.

Banker’s Life (LTCi / STC) offers clients in California with health issues another path: simplified underwriting on the shorter duration product with inflation growth available in CA, NY, and most other states. Offer clients an alternative in states where STC is unavailable.

Federal Life ICP (Medically underwritten SPIA) for clients on claim who fear running out of money. Good candidates receive on average twice the monthly payout of a regular SPIA for their single pay premium.

Nationwide CareMatters Together (Joint Life + LTC Extension Rider): A new twist on a market leading product gives couple the potential for lower price points and flexibility of benefits.



LTCi: Show or Tell?

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Wouldn’t it be nice to show your clients the value of long-term care insurance rather than just tell them? How do you present strategies and solutions to clients in a compelling way that moves them to take action? Join the BuddyIns team as they present new sales tools that can build a stronger and more […]

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LTC Alternative Funding Solutions


In this Buddy Brief taken from our 2023 Annual LTCi Market Review, Marc Glickman, Wendy Bogliolio, and Jason Dutra chat about the importance of having a broad product portfolio of long-term care funding solutions. Hear Marc explain the alternative LTC solutions currently available and some that will be available in the coming months. Check out […]

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Annual LTCi Market Review


In this first webinar of the New Year, we’ll review the LTCi industry in 2022 and provide insights regarding the market, tools, products, and strategies that will be important to meet your business objectives in 2023. We’ll share ways that you can make the best use of the tools and strategies for the year ahead. […]

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Benefits Buddy is a powerful plan design tool that is available to BuddyIns partners as a beta version.

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