Exploring Other Long Term Care Options

Millions of Americans every year face the difficult decision of whether or not to purchase long term care insurance. The decision is not an easy one, but for those who decide to purchase a policy, the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a plan for the future is invaluable. But what happens if you don’t qualify for a long term care insurance policy? Or, what if the premiums are just too expensive? The good news is that you do have some options to explore. In this Kiplinger article written by Alina Tugend, Marc Glickman, CEO of BuddyIns, explains how to link funding long term care to a deferred annuity as well as other available alternatives.

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Alternative Funding Solutions for Long Term Care

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There are a variety of options available if traditional long term care insurance is not a fit for you. In this video we discuss reverse mortgages, life settlements, pre-paid long term care, and self funding should the need for care ever arise. Connect with a long term care insurance specialist to discuss these alternatives.

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